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Valkyrie HQ is a unique gym offering a variety of fitness classes, PTs and physiotherapists for those who want to try a new approach to strength

the valkyrie HQ gym
Valkyrie HQ outside gym space hosting a fitness class
Valkyrie Strongman Class
Valkyrie Tempo Class
Valkyrie HQ: Where Strength and Fitness Meets Nature!

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind outdoor container gym located off the A3 near Guildford. We’re definitely not your average gym, instead offering unique classes all in the beauty of the great British outdoors. We’re all about pushing boundaries and redefining your fitness journey.

We specialise in private fitness classes with three offerings; hybrid, strongman and tempo. Our hybrid functional classes seamlessly blend strength, agility, and cardio exercises while our strongman classes will take your strength to new levels. You might find yourself lifting atlas stones, conquering tire flips, and embracing the raw power of log lifts. Alternatively you might prefer Tempo classes, where you require minimal lifting skills but will be pushed aerobically with cardio as the core of this session.

The heart of Valkyrie HQ is our community. We strive to have a supportive environment with like-minded individuals who share your passion for pushing limits, embracing challenges and bettering themselves.

Where We’re Based

Valkyrie HQ is just off the A3 at Forsyth’s Home Farm. You do have to trust your satnav a bit!

Valkyrie HQ,

Forsyth’s Home Farm,



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