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Get your sweat on with our Tempo sessions, boosting your cardiovascular fitness

Unlike our other sessions there isn’t any weightlifting or complex technical lifts, this class is all about igniting your metabolism, breaking a sweat, and experiencing that satisfying burn. We believe in the power of consistency, and these sessions are tailored to help you build stamina, increase muscular endurance, and boost your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Whether you’re new to fitness or looking to shake up your routine, our cardio and muscular-based endurance training offers a dynamic and invigorating approach that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized.

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Client testimonials

  • My 1st class session left me wanting more, it was incredible. The people, the atmosphere, the positivity and awesome coaching has had me not only setting goals but smashing them.

  • In all honesty these classes could appeal to anyone at all… anyone that has an appetite to push themselves, to socialise and be with friends and like minded people, to motivate and inspire others, to have a good laugh and some fun, and generally be an awesome strongman or strongwoman!

    12/10 would recommend joining Valkyrie HQ!!

  • I immediately fell in love with the sport. James’ enthusiasm, knowledge and emphasis on community was at the heart of his sessions.He really makes an effort to make everyone feel included, and you can immediately see this, regardless of weight, strength or gender, everyone is welcome! He’s produced a culture of energy and support throughout sessions that’ll push you to your limits. James’ sessions to literally anybody who wants to get fitter and stronger, I promise you’ll have the best time!

  • So I started my fitness journey 2 years ago with James. I had never stepped into a gym before and I was only looking to loose some weight and get in shape. However, I have now found an obsession in strongman! I love every session I do whether its 121 PT with James or in the Origin Strongman sessions. Ive now competed in 3 competitions and I can’t wait to do more!

  • James created my weekly programme focused on my goals. These mainly focused on increasing strength. Not only did he listen to me personal goals but also, he isn’t afraid to implement his own ideas on what I need to work on.

  • The facility at Valkyrie Athletic Performance was a breath of fresh air having spent many years training in commercial gyms. Being able to train outdoors in good weather and indoors in bad weather provides an experience that other gyms can’t match.

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