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Hampshire’s Strongest 2023: A Power-Packed Weekend of Strength and Community

Hampshire’s Strongest 2023: A Power-Packed Weekend of Strength and Community
Posted by James Matthews on 27/09/2023
the valkyrie HQ gym

Hampshire’s Strongest 2023 proved to be once again an amazing showcase of strength, determination, and camaraderie. With a record-breaking turnout of over 100 competitors, the event spanned across two jam-packed days, with three novice categories lighting up the stage on Saturday and five weight categories taking centre stage on Sunday. The atmosphere was awesome as competitors and spectators alike eagerly anticipated the jaw-dropping displays of power and strength.

Spanning across the August Bank Holiday weekend, the competition boasted a total of six gruelling events per class that pushed the participants to their limits and beyond. Among these challenges was the overhead medley, which tested athletes’ versatility and raw power as they conquered the log, axle, block, and dumbbell. The car deadlift showcased pulling strength while the max distance Húsafell sandbag carry, presented an unforgettable display of endurance and determination. The sandbag toss event combined explosive power with precision, and the farmers carry into prowler push demanded both grip strength, muscular endurance and sheer will power to finish out the minute. The competition reached its peak with the iconic stone lifting event to decide the podiums.

With more than 400 spectators attending over the weekend, the event’s energy was infectious. Even the weather seemed to join in on the excitement, blessing the competitors with favourable conditions and only raining for 20 mins on Saturday. The timing couldn’t have been more fitting, as the Valkyrie HQ gym itself had just undergone its own transformation, with the final touches being completed in the very same week. The new roof and fresh coat of paint provided a visually striking backdrop for the breath-taking displays of strength.

Thanks and Appreciation

I couldn’t do this without a quick shout out to all my athletes down at Valkyrie HQ who I personally coach. I had 13 clients enter (7 women and 6 men) with a fair few first time competition entries and we came away with 9 podiums, what a team! Most notably team Valkyrie took the clean sweep in a packed women’s novice category with Emily (3rd), Tori (2nd) and Laura (1st). It was great to see the support given by everyone and seeing the hard work put in on Wednesday and Sunday Origin Strongman sessions all paying off!

Ben Glasscock, myself and the rest of the organising team put everything into making this event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Their dedication through every planned detail resulted in a seamless competition that left participants and spectators already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Many helped over the weekend, and we couldn’t have run the comp without them. Notably Coach Tim, as well as my other half Kelly, and close friends Adam and Mark were massive in event resets, timing and admin/keeping Strength Results up to date.

Plans are already underway for next year’s competition with new events and designs for even grander trophies. Hopefully Doughboyz, GoForYoke, Ems Cake Kitchen and Strength Register will be back next year plus a few more stalls/vendors. We want it to be a spectacle!

The event showcased the relentless pursuit of strength and the unity of a community that comes from sharing a common passion. It was clear that Hampshire’s Strongest had left a great mark on the participants and spectators alike, both Ben and I are truly touched from the positive feedback we received.

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Our origin strongman classes teach you the basics of strongman within a controlled coaching environment. There is a great supportive community and Valkyrie HQ has equipment ranging from Atlas Stones to Logs!

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