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Ilias elsdon-Rentoulis

Ilias elsdon-Rentoulis
Performance Coach
Mindset and mental wellbeing coaching for sports, career and life.

Ilias is a Qualified and EMCC Global Accredited Coach, specialising in Performance Coaching.

He’ll work on your mindset and mental wellbeing for your sports, career and life so you can perform your best when it matters the most.

His high-end performance coaching includes a 360° look at your personal and professional life, which can help you if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, work-life balance and issues with relationships.

He’ll work with you using a wide range of techniques including Positive Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioural and Acceptance and Commitment Coaching to reframe your limiting and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, enhance your strengths and ultimately transform you into the best version of yourself.

Ilias has worked with Olympic qualifier athletes, National and International level sports competitors, as well as Chief and Exec level individuals to help them perform their best when it matters the most and he will do the same with you!

With an emergency medical background before he obtained his MBA, coaching qualification and accreditation and established himself in the world of performance and improvement, Ilias has a well rounded background for anyone who works with him. The level of training and wealth of experience he has means that you can be assured that working with him will result in change beyond your belief.

If you’re looking to navigate through change with confidence and certainty and transform your life, then drop Ilias a message today.

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